The Church That Invests In People

Rickey Johnson, Senior Pastor

There is a story about a man that was crippled. As an act of faith his four friends to put him on a cote and carry him a short distance to meet a man that had the power to heal. When reaching the destination the entrance to the house was blocked by the huge. Instead of giving up they carried their friend to the roof, torn a hold in it and lower him down into the presence of the healer. Because of their faith, the healer was moved with compassion and healed him.

There are people in your world that need a miracle. Maybe it's not physical but spiritual. Whatever the issue God has placed him/here in your life to make a difference. Maybe it's a family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker, or the cashier at the store, to name a few. Would you like to learn how to help those in your world? Get started

Bishop Rickey and Linda Johnson were married on November 5, 1990. They have three awesome and passionate children that serve in Kingdom work. We believe that family is important and it should be natured and shared in the church.

Vision: To win all of Southern California for Jesus

Mission: Train 350+ workers to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and impact the community